Howdy! As Chic Mother and Baby are gearing up to throw a Cowboy party for master turning two, we have been on the hunt for cowboy/western materials from costumes to decor to party favour ideas. Luckily, we have a very supportive community over at Skout, who bought cowboy goodies to us and did half our homework.

{1} Amity Cowboy Invites {2} Cowboy invites by Invite with Style {3} Handmade Shorts {4} Cowboy Teddy Banners {5}Speckled Freckle also has a big matching range of cowboy party supplies too. 
{6} Liza O'Donnell from Dress Up Kids is ever so helpful if you ever need a costume made for your kiddo!

This is toddler-almost-two's cowboy inspired outfit - it is important to also be creative with items from their current wardrobe to make the most out of every clothing piece. Checked t-shirt + sturdy denim + tan boots or even black, red or navy wellingtons make a great cowboy outfit!

Cowboy inspired outfit is all from Chic Mother and Baby wardrobe: Moppit Neil Checked Shirt + Fresh Baked Skinny Leg Jeans + Alex and Ant Tan Cowboy Boots

Now that we are happy with our cowboy outfit. We are currently working on the party favour and table decor so stay tuned for our next installment. If you have any handy tips on throwing a cowboy party do share with us!!!


  1. ooooh, i love these -

    for some cowboy inspiration, i have found these links helpful -

    p.s. thanks for the funky lunch link on my blog - brilliant!!! my lunches will need to step up a notch!

  2. thanks so much for featuring my little shorts!



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