Wednesday Wonders: Online Shopping

You would have to think that an online shop owner loves online shopping right? Well yes! I could spend hours on end (if I had this amount of time to myself) surfing the net looking for goodies for myself, my boys, & even my hubby!

Give me any reason & I’ll find it on the web. Shopping centres are a thing of the past for me!

The web is a great resource for information and products, and you usually find things cheaper online than at the shops. The beauty of online shopping is that you also get your purchases delivered directly to you, which makes receiving the mail so much more fun!

I even sometime forget that I’ve bought stuff, so it makes it a real surprise!

I know that some people don’t like paying for postage, but if you think about the time driving to the shops (using petrol) and then finding a park, looking through the shops for that prefect item, sometimes it’s just easier to shop from home. No crying kids in the pram, no checkout lines, and no pushy sales people.


  1. Oh, I hear you!! I am ALL for online shopping for all of the reasons mentioned above. Not to mention, they are open all hours as well!

  2. I'm a BIG fan too. In fact, I do just about everything I possibly can online. I find it so hard to concentrate and shop properly if I have to get out with two kids, and you can't take your time. I like to research, and read into what I'm buying so this doesn't mix with kids!!

    Online all the way!

  3. Sometimes I can't really get over paying that shipping fee if it was free I'd shop online no problems

  4. Can i ask a question fellow online shoppers.. Do you all feel that postage is the main reason you don't buy online (if you don't)? Would FREE postage entice you more to cruise the world wide web for goodies?


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