Unwind with frankie magazine

How are you all unwinding for Friday afternoon? Unfortunately I am sick so I will be trying to enjoy my hot water with lime and organic honey with the latest issue of frankie magazine.

Here are ten reasons why I love frankie magazine
1. Supports and features independent artists, musicians, illustrators, photographers, designers and creative goodies.
2. Superb Art Direction - love the layout and choice of images
3. It is a nice change from all those other celebrity-driven glossy magazines out there.
4. Frankie showcases cool collections of things like soap, buttons, tea towels, plates etc...
5. Entertaining writers who are so smart and witty.
6. Great choices of relatable topics. 
7. Genuine reviews on products and interviews on upcoming artists, creatives and your everyday person.
8. Dreamy pictures and creative illustrations
9. Printed on a nicely recycled uncoated stock
10. Even the ads looks good!


  1. I totally agree..frankie ROCKS!! My newsagency orders it in especially for me :) I hope you are feeling better soon, thank you for following me...I am honoured, your blog is definately one of my faves and I am also looking forward to reading maeve soon!

    Love Claire x

  2. Yep, love Frankie magazine as well. My usual Friday un-wind consists of WHO magazine, Tori and Dean on Arena, chocolate, diet coke (no wine with baby) and thinking about all the things I'd like to get round to doing on the weekend.

    Hope you're feeling better soon Mina!

  3. My Friday unwind is not doing any housework, watching tv so Saturday morning hubbu takes kids for walk then I can do a bit of housework.

  4. just reading back on my comment!!! The last bit got lost!!!... it was supposed to say, I am also looking forward to reading maeve soon, hopefully it will be a cross between frankie and mixtape! x


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