Tuesday Theme: Animal Instincts

When we talk about animal instincts in fashion we immediately think about tiger and leopard prints but in the kids world – animal prints are cute and friendly.

I started to think about how we can encourage toddler and their inquisitive minds to have fun and learn more at home. Show the toddlers posters and picture cards of various animals. Encourage them to talk about their favorite animals – what they do, how they move, the sounds they make, where they live, what they eat etc. Now if you are game enough for the mess...

Show the toddlers how to make different animal prints with the hands.
  • Make a zebra prints by drawing black lines with a finger tip.
  • Make leopard prints by holding fingertips close together and stamping color with them on to the paper.
  • Make a dalmatian by printing different size spots with different fingertips.
  • Make the body of a bird by printing with the side of the palm and using fingers to print the tail.
  • Make a many-legged octopus by painting fingers and palm, excluding the thumb, with colors and pressing on paper, then moving the palm to overlap the print with another one. Use your fingertips to make the octopus legs squiggly.
  • Make a butterfly by printing palms and fingers with different colors and printing with both palms placed close together and facing away from each other.
After giving your toddler a basic idea about these animals, let them have an imaginative go themselves. Use different colors and try to make different colour textures using finger tips, knuckles, fists, spread palms, close palms and palm sides.

Stick fabulous art on the fridge!

Happy cleaning :)

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