Trouble Concentrating?

"Frequently checking your email is worse for your IQ than being stoned"

According to the latest issue of Yen Magazine - Email, Facebook and Twitter are to blame for our lack of focus. Apparently, we allow technology to decide and prioritise our life - in a sense it is true, for example when my mobile rings I pick it up without hesitation (unless I am in a meeting) or when I hear the 'ping' incoming email sound, I immediately check it. Having an iPhone makes it all too conveinent to electronically socalise when I am (suppose) to have a break from the computer.

Now that I think about it, there hasn't been a DVD I haven't watched without checking my email, twitter or facebook on my iPhone (I am terrible! I have Scrubs DVD playing on the LHS whilst I write this blog post on the right of my screen). It has become a bad bad habit - and it is hard to live without it especially working online but I think it is important we all take a step back and have quiet time away from our e-gadgets!

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