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Our favourite item of the month at Chic Mother and Baby is the {1} Zzoolight lamp made up of a polypropylene sheet shade that is unbreakable and child-safe. Zzzoolight also guarantees that the lamp won't heat up. We only have a few left they have been very popular. If you want to buy this lovely lamp email me and I'll give you a special code for a special price :)

Here is a small showcase of quirky kiddish lamps:
{2} I am a bit on the fence about the Teddy Bear Lamp by Matthew Kinealy - is it scary or quirky cute? {3} This Dog Lamp is a very cute innovation - a pet on dog's head will turn the light on and off, and will control the light's intensity. {4} Fire Lamp - something childish and kitsch about it! Perfect in a room that has an outdoor theme and tent too!


  1. Mina, I love the elephant zoo light! I think a lamp is one of the hardest things to buy for a kids room - most are horribly cutesy with absolutely no personality.Love the fire lamp as well.

  2. Kellie what so you think about the Teddy bear one ? It's got a certain charm but not suitable for kids..

  3. Agree the elephant lamp is gorgeous. I wouldnt buy the teddy bear lamp without the head.

    Love your blog!!

  4. I can imagine the headless teddy bear lamp in the bedroom of a say an 8-9 year old boy who appreciates that kind of humour. I taught this age group for a few years and this is something that would appeal to their little senses of humour!

  5. I love the fire lamp and the zoolamp. I agree withe Kellie - kid boys would like it.


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