Revive with an Afternoon Boost

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Been running around since 5.45 am? Then comes mid-afternoon and you are all out of energy. The key is small high-energy snacks that are nutritious and yummy for a revive boost.

Here are our favourite to go munchies pick which will get you through the day.
  1. Green apples
  2. Whole-grain Rice Cakes (try spreading with soy cheese, honey or tomato)
  3. Almonds
  4. Earl Grey Latte
My favourite is T2 French Earl Grey Tea wih a dash of low fat milk & 2 tablespoons of honey (instead of sugar). Ahh so comforting - sipping on one as I post. A good teapot is a must too - like French Bee Teapot at Malmaison. If you know any other tea brands to try let me know!

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  1. Ah in all honesty I actually had Maccas for lunch and felt so guilty I had to post this up to remind myself why I do feel so crap after I eat junk food... the regret...


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