Kristy's Wednesday Wonder: To daycare or not to daycare...this is the question!!

My son LOVES to put everything in his mouth… including other childrens, hands & feet.. (I know.. the thought makes me squirm), but this is a fact of being a toddler! So when we started Daycare again this year, I was looking forward to a peaceful day at home alone where I could finally get some work done!

Honestly, my son went for an orientation & admittedly he put a play phone in his mouth… and we got the daycare runny nose 2 days later! After week 2, we had to call up sick the following Monday as he had caught the flu!! Flu season hasn’t even really started.. .and this is what made me wonder…. to daycare or not to daycare??

Do other mothers experience this? I love the day of quietness at home, but honestly, this does not outweigh the little guy getting sick! Your up for hours at night (for at least 2-3 nights!), you get little sleep, your wiping an endless runny nose & also dosing them up on medicine! Is this all worth that one day without them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts mums…


  1. Yes I understand your dilemma, my son has now been in day care for one year (2 days per week). I must admit that the first 6 months it felt like he was sick every 2 weeks with the usual virus (fever, runny nose, cough)! but once summer came around I don't think I heard one sniffle. Now the cold weather has started again so has the runny nose!!!

    I am relying on all the people that have told me that he is building up his immunity and once he starts School he will be indestructible, while all the non day-care kids will be home with the fever, runny nose and cough hehehe.

  2. Kristy it's definitely something that all 'day care' parents dread. Especially when there's a lovely little notice about chicken pox or hand, foot and mouth disease going around! My 3 year old has been in day care for 2 days a week since she was 18 months old and I definitely think that she has built up some immunity - she recovers a lot faster now than she used to.

    Unfortunately though, school isn't much better. When I was teaching full-time Winter was a nightmare with the little ones. Not only were they always sick but I was as well!


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