Wednesday Wishlist: HANDBAGS

susu handbags

Hands up if you have a wardrobe full of handbags but still want more? Me Me Me!!!

I am very excited about a brand new Australian designer handbag brand Susu.  I love the personality of SuSu bags - quirky yet cute and definitely a touch of sexy! Definitely visit their site so see all the lovely illustrations for their collection.

I also been drooling over these ever so luxurious illustrated 50 signature handbags featured in LA times magazine (fingers crossed on Oz Lotto). See them up close online.

Found via NotCot.Org

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  1. I was in a shop yesterday looking at house items for ideas and they had a lot of handbags! expensive, branded handbags! I had to hold little hands down! Meanwhile I admired! These look gorgeous, my handbag is falling apart I am trying to hold off till we see family in the USA but these are tempting, ohhhhh! I might have to check them out even closer! Drool!


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