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pangea organics planatable packaging
This is awesome! People can be so innovative. We found Dandelion's made from corn reUsable products and now this. Pangea Organics have eco-friendly and fun packaging for their skin care products. The packaging is plantable as it is infused with seeds and grows to a basil plant! A coconut soap holder is included in the pack too.

The above image is the holiday packaging from last year. Wish I had found this earlier!!
"Born out of the desire to do right by the planet, this year Pangea Organics has a great gift idea to let you in on the fun, too! After two years in development, Pangea just released a series of holiday gift boxes that actually grow Spruce Trees. Yes, that’s right. Just like their plantable packaging that grows organic, edible sweet basil, the box itself grows a tree. Just soak the box for a day, and plant it in the earth. If everyone plants their holiday gift box and bar soap box this year, collectively, we will have planted 122,000 trees which is equivalent to not driving 30 million miles in one year! Multiply that out by 75 years, the average lifespan of a Spruce, and that’s 2 billion, 250 millions that we’re collectively offsetting!"

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  1. Oh wow! That would be such a great gift! For adults and kids! I have seen cards also implanted with seeds which you then plant and flowers come up! I think these are a great idea too as what do you do with all those birthday and christmas cards! Plant them of course!


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