Mum's Style: Sleeping Beauty

Chic mother baby's mum styling sleeping beauty
Every mum to be deserves to have a great night's rest or even lounging arond the house. HOTmilk PJs are the most comfortable maternity PJs (with elastisized and drawstring waist) in the world and for sure you will be wearing it even after birth.  

1. HOTmilk Delighted with her victory cami and pant 2. Sleeping Mask by Mary Jane 3. Ginger and Smart Candles 4. Organic Bird Cushion made by Marley Locker


  1. If only I looked as glamorous getting out of bed as I do when I get in. ;o} Any tips for bed-head and bags under the eyes?

  2. Plenty of rest :P Apply under eye cream gently around the eyes every night and drink plenty of water. To be honest who has all the time to cleanse, tone, moisturise, exfoliate, purifying masks, eye soothing cream, etc... Apparently the best thing to do for your skin is to find the right cleanser. I just want to get to bed... lucky for me my hair is naturally straight :P

  3. That "I just got out of bed" look works for some of the clebs and they pay someone to make them look like that! haha! These PJ's!!!! are seriously comfortable they could be a sole reason to stay in my PJ's all day! If I could!


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