Monday Styling: Mr and Miss Skater Boi

mr and miss skater

Do you all remember that annoying yet catchy Avril Lingerie song "skater boi" - sort of inspired by that song I heard on the radio recently, but obviously our styling is way more chic! Our sale items aren't so last season, they are easy to mix and match with other clothing styles. I love baby Converses, they make everything look so casual stylish and are sooooo cute!

Our Fresh Baked stock has just arrived with some very comfortable and trendy dark denim bottoms with pockets.

1. Itch Design Tucan frilled hoodie Girls for $30 only! 2. NEW Fresh Baked Denim Puff Skirt match with some cute leggings or huggalugs. 3. On specials Moppit Check Shirt 4. NEW Fresh Baked boys skinny leg denim

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  1. Oh my gosh they are so cool!!! Those Converse rock!!! Can you get them in pink! Oh they would look so cool on my daughter, when she starts walking that is, funky! :)


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