It's Stripetastic!

its stripetasticStripes will never go out of fashion and I am too a self-confessed stripes fan. I have counted 21 striped pieces in my wardrobe...

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend - we have been working hard to make easter fun for all Chic Mother and Baby fans (see the new header!)

1. Alex&Ant Striped L/S 2. Moppit Coral Striped Tribeca Dress now on sale $30 3. Moppit Blue Stripes Tee sale $28 4. Run Scotty Run Blue Striped Turn Up Pants + match it with Run Scotty Run Blue Chasing Long Sleeve

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  1. Very cute bunny! Stripes on bubs are so cute I will admit, maybe not so on me, but definitely a hit for kids!


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