i heart { Kate Spade }

kate spade
Colourful stripes...I absolutely cannot get enough of Kate Spade. I love that her collection extends beyond clothing – to homewares, accessories and even stationary.


  1. Oh so funky!!! Did you say stationary! I am a big sucker for gorgeous stationary, I would have loved being born in old times when they dripped wax on the back of letters to seal them, but that is about all as I wouldn't want to live back then I like the 21st century to many cute clothes to choose from!

  2. I LOVE letterpress stationary but so expensive... custom made orders that I found take about 8 weeks to make in australia... Its so popular in the US. I wish I owned a letterpress set.. I just have rubber stamps haha..

  3. Oh so tempting!!! I would love it! If I find one that is a good price I will let you know!

  4. Love the bangle! Reminds me of one my mother had when I was young.


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