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When I was asked by Mina to write a guest post for Eco week I immediately began scrutinizing what my family does to contribute to the health of the planet. What was I going to write about? I don’t use cloth nappies, I don’t buy organic (at least, not regularly enough for it to really matter) and I have no second thoughts about using the clothes dryer and almost every heater in the house during winter – well, not until I receive my electricity bill that is!

So, I was beginning to wonder if there would be anything I could write for Eco Week. After much thought, I decided that there is definitely value in the small contributions my family makes to sustaining the earth’s resources. Now, none of these are by any means original or creative, but if they give you food for thought and maybe a new tip or suggestion, then I have done my job - so to speak.

Here’s my list of eco friendly family habits:
  • Wherever possible, I use natural-based cleaning products. I do have my favourite brand but I also use a vinegar and water mix in the kitchen, baking soda and vinegar (great for the sink and bathroom) and oil of cloves for removing mould. This last one is tricky and it has taken me a while to get the mix of water and oil correct but it’s highly effective and smells so much better than those harsh cleaners.
  • My kids use BPA drink bottles and cups. Poppy is now 3 so she has gone through a few but my youngest is only 4 months old. When it’s time for him to drink from a cup he will not be using plastic. At the moment we have had no need for bottles however for future nights out without my baby in tow, I will be definitely be using glass bottles. 
  • We recycle – no surprises there but I am proud to say that Poppy can distinguish between what goes in which bin. Most of the time anyway.
  • We use organic shampoos, conditioners and soap.
  • We turn electrical items off at the power point rather than leaving them on standby mode.
Finally, in no particular order, we also:
  • Turn the tap off when brushing teeth, wash clothes in cold water only and avoid the dryer where possible, use the fabulous Keep Cups for takeaway coffees, try to discourage our pre-schooler from switching every light on in the house and generally try to keep adding to the list of little things we do for the good of the planet. After all, it’s the little things that count!

**Kellie from Mini Style Hive has been a great supporter of Chic Mother and Baby. Thanks for contributing your thoughts to Eco Week. Love your style :) Make sure you visit her blog for her all the latest on baby and kids stylish designs in Australia and New Zealand **


  1. Goodbye Gloria Jeans coffee cups and hello Keep cups :) Great tip, it will make a difference now that I think about it - 5 cups of takeaway coffee each week really adds up doesnt it?

    And I love love love that you are teaching Poppy to recycle already! We can teach Lucas to throw things into the recycle bin instead of throwing the iPhon :P

  2. I bought one of the keep cups for my hubby & cousin for Christmas.. they both love them.. my son even walks around the house (with it empty) pretending to drink out of it!

  3. I'm hoping to grab myself a keep cup too. Such a great idea!

    Great list of things...most of which we follow too!

  4. what is that spray product on the right? looks like moisturiser?

  5. Sarah, it's an Australian range of cleaning products called Murchison Hume. Very affordable with gorgeous packaging - main ingredient is juniperberries.

  6. Stainless steel bottles are fantastic! Not only stylish and practical they are safe!
    Those cleaning products sound awesome, where can you get them?
    I also adore that keep cup, I am not a coffee or tea drinker but I think it would be a awesome gift for someone.


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