Duck Duck.....Chick!

duck theme

With Easter just around the corner and after hearing a dad joke:
"A duck walks into a store to buy some chapstick, the cashier asks "cash or card?" Duck replies "Just put it on my bill" (haha - I am terrible with telling jokes). So I thought ducks would be fitting for today's Thursday theme!

1. Cuddly and Soft 100% Organic Cotton Crinkle Duck at Chic Mother and Baby 2. Duck Watering Can 3. Duck Fuzzy Slippers. 4. Luxury Ducks (designed in Australia) - I love buying these when I go to speciality gift stores.

Remember 10% off all chic mother and baby items to celebrate our new range of eco-friendly products. Enter ECOWEEK at checkout.

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  1. My daughter loves ducks! She has several in the bath! She also put the baby duck's head in her mouth and crawls around making noises, you have to see it to truly see how funny it is! But a funny joke, this one is more funny when you see the action. What do ninja's dink? Waaateeer, (but you have to say it in the accent and do a karate chop action!) It made my husband giggle! lol!


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