8 Extra Uses of Newspapers

We all get the local community paper each week  and recycling is every two weeks so there is plenty of newspapers floating around the house! Newspapers are a very absorbent product which means it is capable of absorbing all sorts of moisture and odours found in shoes and vegetable drawers.

Use Newspaper to (you all probably know them but doesn't hurt for a gentle reminder):
  1. My favourite little trip – ripen tomatoes. Wrap them individually and leave them out at room temperature.
  2. Pack delicate items like glass frames and figurines.
  3. Wipe away tough streaks on glass.
  4. Dry shoes. Place crumpled paper in them overnight to keep them dry and preserve its shape.
  5. Wrap gifts. Use the comics sections to wrap a child’s birthday gift, or child’s party game like pass-the-parcel.
  6. During the rainy weather, keep a pile of newspaper near the door. They can toss their wet gear and umbrellas onto the newspaper instead of creating puddles on the floor.
  7. Prepare a garden. Mow a patch of lawn to make room for a dedicated bed. Cover it with a couple of layers of newspaper, then layers of shredded leaves or mulch. Hose it down. By spring, the bed will be ready for planting.
  8. Keep the refrigerator vegetable drawer dry and free of smells. Line the bottom with newspaper.
Have you got any other uses for newspapers? 


    1. C. DurnianMarch 16, 2010

      Great blog!!! I love your hany tips & hints! Keep up the good work!

    2. Thanks ! If you have any do share :)

    3. Oh some of these are great! A great use is shredding and doing paper mache on a balloon with kids and then they can paint it and fill it up with lollies and treats and then hang it up and let the smashing fun begins. Trust me a great project for school holidays!
      Also it is great for just using under you children painting on the ground outside, you just roll it up when they are finished and then you are not wasting water washing off the paint! :)

    4. thx kym that is a good one to add on to that list - like um a pin-ya-ta (had to phonetically spell that haha)


    we heart comments xxoxx

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