Why Organic?

ergopouch organic baby clothingWith all the chemicals, environment, foods and more that our little bubs are exposed to, its no wonder why so many parents are being more conscious about buying eco-friendly, environmental friendly and organic clothing, skincare and accessories for their little ones.
  • Organic cotton clothes can help reduce exposure to allergens and other irritants and keep babies comfortable (particuarly for newborns).
  • Organic clothes are manufactured using pure cotton. Pure cotton means it is farmed without using pesticides.
  • Organic clothes help in good respiration for babies through which the temperature and moisture of the body is maintained well.
  • Clothes made of organic cotton may cost more than those made of conventional cotton, but organic products last much longer.
  • Organic skin care is a suitable choice if you don’t want any harsh chemicals or additives around your baby’s skin. Often these products clearly educate consumers the active ingredients to keep that trust!
Watch out as Chic Mother & Baby is soon adding even more affordable and trendy organic babies/kids clothing, skincare and accessories you can buy online.
1. ErgoPouch Ergococoon only $24.95
2. Nature's Child Organic Bottom Balm
3. Baby E Organic Romper - Pink
4. ErgoPouch Bamboo Fleece Baby Sleeping Bag

Check out the full range of organic items at Chic Mother & Baby.

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